KINGSTON, Jamaica — Still caught in the throes of an extensive drought, Jamaica’s two main catchment facilities in the Corporate Area now have approximately one month’s supply of water, according to the country’s National Water Commission (NWC).

With forecasts suggesting that the drought will continue for the foreseeable future, further restrictions are expected for Kingston residences.

Prohibition notices have been dispatched on garden and farm irrigation, as well as water use for the filling of tanks, ponds and swimming pools. The NWC’s Vice President for Potable Water and Maintenance, Mark Blair, says that water supplies from alternate catchment facilities are not expected to meet the downfall, as they have to be shared between the Corporate Area and the parish of St. Thomas.

The water situation is said to be even worse in some of Jamaica’s rural communities.

Drought leaves Kingston with just one month of water reserves

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PUBLISHED — July 17, 2014

Category: Sustainability