Month: March 2016

Caribbean governments split on drone regulations

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles represent a challenge for Caribbean governments, but there is a strong reason why they should adapt -- and quickly

/ March 31, 2016

Obama’s white rose to Cuba

Getting Cubans to buy into the American Dream is more important than ever for President Obama in the new US-Cuba relationship

/ March 28, 2016

U.S. Congressmen call for independent investigation into Berta Cáceres murder

More than sixty Congressmen urge Sec. John Kerry put a hold on US military funding to Honduras, in light of human rights activist killings

/ March 21, 2016

In Honduras, environmental activists are murdered with impunity

The human cost of advocacy is laid bare as Honduran activists are assassinated while their government looks the other way

/ March 20, 2016

The global race for influence in Cuba

Before the Cuban embargo is lifted, countries have been moving rapidly to deepen relations with Havana for their own interests, and to further their influence in Latin America and the Caribbean

/ March 18, 2016

What does Airbnb mean for the Caribbean’s hotels?

Is Airbnb an equalizer, destabilizer or partner in the Caribbean tourism industry?

/ March 13, 2016