Tag: US-Cuba Relations

Cuba grapples with austerity amid economic slowdown

The list of economic challenges facing Cuba’s present and future leadership is daunting, and may well result in new uncertainties in a country with an economy in a slow transition

/ August 7, 2016

Obama’s white rose to Cuba

Getting Cubans to buy into the American Dream is more important than ever for President Obama in the new US-Cuba relationship

/ March 28, 2016

The global race for influence in Cuba

Before the Cuban embargo is lifted, countries have been moving rapidly to deepen relations with Havana for their own interests, and to further their influence in Latin America and the Caribbean

/ March 18, 2016

Will Cuba’s gain cause the Caribbean pain?

The White House is making several changes that, by the end of 2015, could see fully liberalised travel between Cuba and the United States, at the risk of the Caribbean tourism product

/ August 21, 2015

Could pivotal global deals impact Caribbean countries?

The historic U.S. accord to limit Iran’s nuclear capability in exchange for the lifting of crippling sanctions and the debt crisis in Greece will have global repercussions, with lessons that could be beneficial to the Caribbean.

/ August 19, 2015

How could the liberalisation of the Internet transform Cuba?

As Cuba negotiates relations with the U.S., the internet may become the issue that culturally and politically defines the country's identity.

/ August 4, 2015