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Christie urges Caribbean leaders to take tourism seriously

In his remarks during the handover of the CARICOM chair to Barbados, Bahamas Prime Minister beseeched Caribbean leaders to elevate the tourism industry to reap its economic benefits for the region

/ July 10, 2015

Granger condemns Venezuela over border claims at CARICOM Summit

In his harshest critique since renewed claims by Venezuela over Guyana's territory, President David Granger has pleaded for CARICOM and the international community to condemn Venezuela in the name of international law

/ July 3, 2015

Will CARICOM stand up to Venezuela over its Guyana territorial claims?

On May 26, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro gazetted a decree which, for reasons of territorial defence, created an “Atlantic coast of Venezuela”. This new law contained coordinates and language that effectively claimed sovereignty over the offshore territorial waters of the...

/ June 29, 2015

Venezuela’s claim over Guyana’s waters: a matter for the ICJ?

Unpopular at home amid economic hardships, the Maduro regime has made a clearly illegal claim to Guyana's territorial waters

/ June 11, 2015

Backgrounder on Guyana’s 2015 parliamentary elections

A look at the PPP/C Government's track records, election campaigns and the campaign promises of the APNU+AFC alliance contesting the polls

/ May 10, 2015

1972: How four Caribbean countries led the collapse of the Cuban embargo in the Americas

In 1972, the leaders of Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago put themselves and their countries at risk for a principle in which they believed

/ December 18, 2014