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Would the real tax havens please stand up?

The Caribbean continues to be branded as the home of tax evaders, money launderers and terrorism financiers, but even its accusers know better

/ March 2, 2016

Promoting authenticity in Caribbean tourism

Looking beyond international branded beach resorts...

/ February 19, 2016

How compliance regulations are hurting the Caribbean’s indigenous banks

With international banks withdrawing from correspondent banking with small states, the threat to the Caribbean's indigenous banks and the private sector is dire

/ January 13, 2016

What a new democratic challenge to Chavismo means for PetroCaribe

What's next for the Caribbean when the opposition takes control of Venezuela's National Assembly?

/ December 22, 2015

Liberty Global plans Cable & Wireless Communications takeover

Just months after its acquisition of Columbus International, Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) is now entertaining a takeover bid from European telecoms giant, Liberty Global

/ October 25, 2015

Baha Mar: Too big to fail for The Bahamas

The massive investment in Baha Mar has made it too big to fail for The Bahamas. Its recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is now impacting the Bahamian Government, national sovereignty, and the Bahamas’ relations with China

/ August 7, 2015