Tag: Barbados

The problem with Zika pregnancy advisories

With links between the Zika virus and fetal abnormalities in babies born to infected mothers, the outbreak has become an issue of reproductive justice for the Caribbean's women

/ February 8, 2016

Christie urges Caribbean leaders to take tourism seriously

In his remarks during the handover of the CARICOM chair to Barbados, Bahamas Prime Minister beseeched Caribbean leaders to elevate the tourism industry to reap its economic benefits for the region

/ July 10, 2015

Caribbean states urged to object to EU tax-haven blacklisting

Critics of an EU tax-haven blacklist say the organisation is playing dice with small states' reputations, while ignoring European tax avoidance hubs

/ June 19, 2015

Visitor arrivals to the Caribbean are up, but what does the data really say?

Although visitor arrivals may be up, the current available data is insufficient to gauge the true health of the tourism sector

/ March 9, 2015

1972: How four Caribbean countries led the collapse of the Cuban embargo in the Americas

In 1972, the leaders of Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago put themselves and their countries at risk for a principle in which they believed

/ December 18, 2014

How the Caribbean ranked in the global corruption index

According to Transparency International, Barbados has the lowest perceived levels of public sector corruption in the Caribbean region... but the index itself is not without its faults

/ December 16, 2014