What will it take to raise up Haiti?

The international community's insistence that Haiti should have a democratically-elected government is warranted, but so too is their responsibility to rebuild the country.

/ October 7, 2016

It is time for a new CARICOM policy on marijuana

The Caribbean is missing out on a booming marijuana industry, in deference for excessive penalties on its citizens for ganja use

/ September 1, 2016

Concerns of Zika Spread with Lack of Funding to Combat Virus

The lack of strategic Zika prevention efforts causes travel concerns for the Caribbean

/ August 15, 2016

Cuba grapples with austerity amid economic slowdown

The list of economic challenges facing Cuba’s present and future leadership is daunting, and may well result in new uncertainties in a country with an economy in a slow transition

/ August 7, 2016

J-FLAG is Celebrating a Community of Love for PRiDE JA 2016

PRiDE JA 2016 is approaching quickly! In Part II of this interview, co-chair Neish McLean provides further details on Jamaica's 2nd public LGBT PRiDE celebrations.

/ July 25, 2016

PRiDE JA: Bigger, Better, Bolder! An Interview with Neish McLean

PRiDE JA 2016 is almost here! Co-chair Neish McLean gives us the latest on Jamaica's LGBT PRiDE celebrations.

/ July 22, 2016