Relaunch 2019.

AMG resumes publication in January 2019 after parent-company restructure

CASTRIES, December 6, 2018 — AMG will resume publication in January 2019, following the restructuring of operations at its parent company.

The restructuring exercise will create a new commercial entity to drive new business and revenue streams that leverage AMG‘s media and research competencies for external clients. The new entity will specialise primarily in media, research and policy campaigns, content sales & licensing, and advertising solutions for institutional and corporate clients.

AMG‘s media platform at will continue to be a nonprofit entity, and will now centre more keenly on insights, investigation and solutions-based journalism in line with new editorial priorities.

While AMG’s branding and identity will remain unchanged, its platform has also been upgraded to deliver an improved user experience, faster content delivery and improved accessibility across mobile and desktop devices. Work is also ongoing to review existing content to ensure full compatibility with the new user interface by the relaunch date.

For further details on opportunities with AMG, or the services that will be delivered through our new commercial entity, please contact