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Could Citizenship by Investment Programs help fight youth unemployment in the Caribbean?

Smaller countries without abundant natural resources have had to become more creative in their efforts to attract investment. CIPs are one such scheme.

/ June 24, 2015

Ranking the Caribbean’s best islands to visit

Puerto Rico, The Bahamas and St. Barth's top the Caribbean's best islands to visit, at least according to Business Insider

/ December 17, 2014

Here are all the Caribbean states with active West Africa travel restrictions

Individual regional governments are enacting vastly different travel restrictions in an uncoordinated manner in response to the Ebola outbreak. Here are the latest updates.

/ October 19, 2014

Gonzalo reaches catastrophic strength en route to Bermuda

After causing a string of damage in the Lesser Antilles, Hurricane Gonzalo has strengthened significantly - and may become a catastrophic Cat-4 hurricane en route to Bermuda

/ October 14, 2014

How prepared is the Caribbean for Ebola?

While some Caribbean governments have assured citizens of their readiness to cope with any suspected cases of Ebola, others are not so optimistic

/ October 5, 2014

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment

With metropolitan economies still struggling to eke out of economic recessions, CARICOM territories are turning to selling their citizenship. We review the three available schemes.

/ August 11, 2014