Tag: Relations with Europe

Brexit – a nightmare for the Caribbean’s relationship with the EU and Britain

With the vote to leave the EU, the Caribbean has lost Britain as an ally in the European Union, and it will fall behind the rest of the world in Britain's new trade treaty negotiations

/ June 26, 2016

Why most Caribbean seafood can’t leave the region

Many Caribbean countries are lacking standards for sanitary and phytosanitary measures for fish and seafood, which makes international exports impossible

/ August 27, 2015

Do EPAs with the European Union benefit developing countries?

African, Caribbean and Pacific countries may be at a disadvantage in economic partnership agreements with the EU, says Antiguan diplomat

/ August 21, 2015

Caribbean states urged to object to EU tax-haven blacklisting

Critics of an EU tax-haven blacklist say the organisation is playing dice with small states' reputations, while ignoring European tax avoidance hubs

/ June 19, 2015