Tag: Caribbean gay laws

The politics of mourning LGBT deaths

For Caribbean politicians who maintain LGBT people as outliers of law and policy, the mourning of the Pulse massacre has been a challenge

/ June 15, 2016

With anti-gay laws, the state is complicit in violence against LGBT people

Anti-gay laws, even if sparsely enforced, are far from innocuous. By setting up categories for normalcy and deviance, they continue to legitimise acts of violence against LGBT people.

/ June 1, 2016

The Impact and Future of LGBT PRiDE in Jamaica

PRiDE JA 2015 was a well-received and successful celebration of Jamaican LGBT people and their allies. Latoya Nugent of J-FLAG shares her thoughts on the impact and future of the events and what they might mean for the greater Caribbean...

/ August 11, 2015

Planning PRiDE in Jamaica: an exclusive interview with Latoya Nugent

J-FLAG's amicable and passionate Education and Training manager discusses the planning phase and specific events of JA PRiDE 2015.

/ August 10, 2015

Jamaica’s first LGBT Pride celebrations signal turning tides

J-FLAG successfully staged “The PRiDE of a People: Breaking the Rules of Oppression”, the country’s first ever LGBT pride celebrations.

/ August 7, 2015

Caribbean gay lobby warns against moral panic over marriage equality

A regional LGBT lobby has criticized a Jamaican evangelical group's petition against LGBT equality in the Caribbean, following a US Supreme Court decision on marriage equality

/ July 1, 2015