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Contributors and staff writers

Journalism always exists at the intersection of policy and human impact, and our writers understand that. Staffed by policy experts, researchers and specialised journalists, AMG explains the social, political and economic nuances of the Caribbean to stakeholders both at home and abroad. We accept the best talent for career and contributor roles.

Expert Contributors

Our Expert Contributors tend to be industry leaders, technocrats or policy experts looking to expand their existing reach and brand. Previous contributors have been experts or leaders with substantial experience in one or more of our focal areas of law, public and foreign policy, trade, investment, tourism, real estate or public health.

This is a non-career track. Expert Contributors work on their own content and to their own schedules, while AMG provides the platform, marketing and audience for their exclusive content.

Staff Writers

AMG is anticipating a hiring round for career staff writers across all of its political, policy and feature desks. We encourage you to check this page regularly for job advertisements, but we always accept and consider resumes sent to our editorial desk. Please submit an application below – inclusive of a writing sample – and include your preferred desk assignment.

Application process
Expert Contributors & Staff Writers

To apply, please fill our two-minute application form. You will receive an immediate confirmation of receipt, and a written follow-up within two business days.

    If you don't, and you're not comfortable writing articles for news or feature print, a Staff Writer will develop articles from your input and feedback