Consultancy services
Media, data and policy intelligence

We leverage our reach in the Caribbean and a multidisciplinary team of experts to produce bespoke reports, media campaigns, research and insights on people and policy from several Caribbean states. We consult for media houses and other corporate, institutional and nonprofit clients, on the following key areas —

Population health and environment
Media advocacy campaigns
Behavioural change campaigns
Health data visualisation
Qualitative research, data collection and analysis
Policy analysis

Tourism, Trade, Business & Investment
Research, data collection and analysis
Offshore financial and banking regulation analysis
Policy analysis

Identities, LGBT and minority groups
Qualitative research, data collection and analysis
Legal analysis and reporting
Media advocacy campaigns
Public policy analysis

Political analysis
Leadership profiles and interviews
Public and social policy analysis
Budget and economic analysis
Poll insights

Corporate and branding
Native advertising campaigns
Branded content production

Media production
Short film and documentary production
Radio shorts and television scripting
Audio/Visual advertising campaigns

Our consultancy services, with the exception of media campaigns, are offered independently of our editorial department through our specialised, nonprofit consulting firm, Antillean Development Partners Inc.

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