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Sherine Powerful is a Diasporic Jamaican and public health practitioner specializing in global health, sexual and reproductive health, sexual violence prevention, and health promotion and communications. She holds a BA from Yale University and an MPH from Columbia University.

No Judgment SKN: A movement to change a culture of sexual violence in St. Kitts & Nevis

"No Judgement SKN" is an emerging prevention and awareness organization that aims to provide support and resources for survivors of sexual violence in St. Kitts and Nevis

/ January 22, 2017

J-FLAG is Celebrating a Community of Love for PRiDE JA 2016

PRiDE JA 2016 is approaching quickly! In Part II of this interview, co-chair Neish McLean provides further details on Jamaica's 2nd public LGBT PRiDE celebrations.

/ July 25, 2016

PRiDE JA: Bigger, Better, Bolder! An Interview with Neish McLean

PRiDE JA 2016 is almost here! Co-chair Neish McLean gives us the latest on Jamaica's LGBT PRiDE celebrations.

/ July 22, 2016

The problem with Zika pregnancy advisories

With links between the Zika virus and fetal abnormalities in babies born to infected mothers, the outbreak has become an issue of reproductive justice for the Caribbean's women

/ February 8, 2016

Amplifying the Voices of LBT Women in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Women and Sexual Diversity Conference (CWSDC) was developed as a way to amplify the voices of Caribbean lesbian, bisexual, and Trans women from whom we do not often hear.

/ November 10, 2015

The Impact and Future of LGBT PRiDE in Jamaica

PRiDE JA 2015 was a well-received and successful celebration of Jamaican LGBT people and their allies. Latoya Nugent of J-FLAG shares her thoughts on the impact and future of the events and what they might mean for the greater Caribbean...

/ August 11, 2015