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David Jessop is the Executive Director of the Caribbean Council. In a forty-year career, he has provided high level support and advice to industries, associations, governments and companies on investment, trade policy and political issues in the Caribbean, the UK and continental Europe

Venezuela’s instability poses humanitarian crisis for the Caribbean

A report from the UN High Commissioner on Refugees has found that the Caribbean is a key destination for displaced Venezuelans and other refugees, but the region is unprepared to handle the influx

/ July 1, 2017

Is the United States still a reliable partner for the Caribbean?

The Trump presidency forces the Caribbean to consider how it should relate to a neighbour that is set on a course that is harmful to its core interests, and to identify more complementary global partners

/ June 2, 2017

Oil debt divides Caribbean over Venezuela

After taking on large amounts of Venezuelan debt under the Chavez-era PetroCaribe agreement, some Caribbean governments are now hopelessly compromised in responding to the Maduro regime's freefall

/ May 6, 2017

Jamaica looks to broaden economic growth through tourism diversification

Jamaica is making moves to ensure that the country’s tourism product not only generates prosperity for large hotel owners, but stimulates growth in the wider domestic economy as well

/ April 16, 2017

Obama signs new deal for Caribbean engagement

In his administration's final days, President Obama has signed a bipartisan bill mandating the State Department and US development agency to create an actionable Caribbean strategy

/ December 19, 2016

It is time for a new CARICOM policy on marijuana

The Caribbean is missing out on a booming marijuana industry, in deference for excessive penalties on its citizens for ganja use

/ September 1, 2016