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Barbados presents new immigration policy for public review

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caricom The Government of Barbados’ green paper on immigration reform has been made available for public review.

The document, titled “A Comprehensive Review of Immigration Policy And Proposals For Legislative Reform”, outlines the details of the Government of Barbados’ new immigration policy, which was first tabled in June 2009 by Prime Minister David Thompson.

The controversial policy aims to reduce the number of migrants coming into Barbados, and will make it more difficult for ‘illegal’ immigrants to gain residency status on the island by virtue of the length of time spent in Barbados – a key feature of the former immigration policy.

In June 2009, Prime Minister David Thompson prefaced the proposal for a new immigration policy with an amnesty for undocumented CARICOM migrants, under which they had until December 1, 2009 to regularize their status or face deportation. The amnesty was met with a wave of criticism by CARICOM leaders, which saw Prime Minister Thompson often adopting a defensive stance, stressing that immigrants were quickly becoming a ‘social and economic burden’ on Barbados.

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Feb 13, 2011 22:27

All countries should have laws to protect their citizens,and their rights to allow immigration status.

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