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Central Bank of Barbados: Another $100,000 in new bills missing.

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The hunt is on for more hundred dollar bills which went missing from the Central Bank of Barbados last month after this country’s largest heist.

The Bank has revealed that on-going inventory checks have discovered a further missing bundle of the brand new $100 notes.

The total value of the missing notes is BDS$100,000.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Central Bank said that the Royal Barbados Police Force has also been notified about the missing bills.

They bear serial numbers from E 2132001 through to E 21343000.

The serial numbers of all the missing notes, including those recovered to date, are E22515001 – E22517000; E22521001 – E22522000; E22525001- E22529000; E22530001- E22537000; and E21342001- E21343000.

Kathy Lehay · Montego Bay, Jamaica

A Barbados-born, Jamaica-resident social worker and feminist, Kathy Lehay is an independent care worker and gender specialist who provides one-on-one skills training and social support for disadvantaged women and families in Jamaica. She holds an MA Gender Studies and BA Social Work.

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